The game tells a story of two brothers Sam and Jeb who are separated by a haunted house. With a wise cracking crow and an immortal general store owner as Sam's guide, Sam must rescue his brother before its too late!

In terms of game play, haunted house is a timed rogue-lite with bullet hell elements, inventory, and a skill tree magic system, set in a randomly generated mazes. Additionally, there are 80+ mobs, 12 bosses, a bunch of items and 12 different level sets over 4 levels and a final showdown.

runs at 60fps in chrome with hardware accl enabled, and has rebind-able keys.

its a complete game but still beta email me at : info [at] pac-rat-game [dot] com

with questions, comments, bugs, and suggestions.

Thank you!

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Published2 years ago
Tagsinventory, Magic, maze, random, roguelite
Player countSingleplayer